Avatar Palace

Our Rules

By coming on Avatar Palace you agree to these Terms and Conditions

You're entitled to freedom of speech but you're also entitled to deal with the consequences of what you say

Avatar Palace is rated PG-13, except in rooms explicitly marked as 18+.

All material on this server is monitored by Avatar Palace staff. Disregard for the server rules will result in punishment, which could include removal from the server.

  • Excessive profanity, harassment, threats and general obnoxiousness are not tolerated on this server. This includes spamming, covering other users' avatars and harassment. (Profanity is allowed in 18+ rooms.)

  • Do not wear avatars that are racist, sacrilegious, nude, topless (female), or depict pornography (including cartoons). Nude avatars are allowed in 18+ rooms. Avatars should not include profanity (except in 18+ rooms).

  • You are not allowed to advertise other palaces or websites, or distribute emails, instant messenger screennames, phone numbers, IPs or other personal information on this server. Advertisements for palaces are allowed in the advertising room and member rooms (with the permission of the room owner).

  • Third party programs are not allowed on AVP. If you are caught cloning an av in a non-take room, or using a third party program for malicious purposes, you will be banned from the server.

  • Names on the server should not include profanity or sexually explicit material. They also must be more than two symbols (i.e. no "." or /\ as a name).

  • If you feel you were punished unfairly, please email avatarpalacechat@gmail.com. Please remember that staff have the final word on AVP conduct, and continually arguing or badgering staff members will increase your punishment.