Avatar Palace

Key Features

  • Member Rooms

    Create your own room and control every aspect of it!
  • Avatars

    Upload any picture you want and use it as your avatar INSTANTLY. You can also upload animated gif and png images. Not to mention we have thousands of avatars avaible for you to use in the many Prop rooms.
  • YouTube and TinyChat

    We have public YouTube rooms but you can also use YouTube and TinyChat in member rooms which anyone can create.
  • Games

    Avatar Palace has tons of games availible to play you can check them out for yourself. Also we have OMGPOP rooms everyone knows OMGPOP has some of the most addictive games you can find online, and YES we do have PACMAN!
  • Did we mention FREE?

    Yes you read that right we are 100% FREE, Everything is free on Avatar Palace no hidden fees nothing. But we do take donations!